Wednesday, May 29

Chow kit road chow kit road

Baru baru nie aku berkesempatan utk g tgk teater "Chow Kit Road, Chow Kit Road" the musical kat Istana Budaya. Teater nie mmg promo kaw2 punye sbb kat dlm magazine GLAM Lelaki pon cover gak pasal teater nie. Duk tgk kat tv pon byk gak promo. Dlm NLKO ade gak.

Pikir punya pikir punya pikir, decide trus. Nak g la tgk. Dgn harga tiket paling murah iaitu RM55. Duk la seat paling atas. Amek kaw! hahaha. Dah yg lain harga mahal sgt, nk wat cmne. Bak kata org "ukur baju kat badan sendiri" atau pon dlm bahasa moden nya, "ko pakai saiz L kan? yg ngengada pakai saiz M tu ape jadah nya? Kan dah ketat/sexy sgt". Okay pjg sgt aku ngarut pasal benda nie. Hahaha.

Ni storyline utk teater CHOW KIT ROAD.


The theatre begins with the story of unemployed Ilham (Anding), who is the son of 'lady of the night' Jelita (Junji Delfino), who wants a luxurious life.

For Ilham and his friends in Chow Kit, visits by those in the upper echelons of the society to the area only serve as a publicity stunt to show that they are there to offer assistance.

Jolted by this perception, Datin Jamilah (Adibah Noor) requests her friends to build a community centre there instead of dishing out cash, garments and food as what is normally done by the rich for those in Chow Kit.

Datin Jamilah then uses Ilham as a 'guinea pig' in a bet between her and her friends in turning the young man into a 'cultured' person instead of the 'rough' and 'uncivilised' man that he used to be.

According to the bet, if Datin Jamilah wins, her friends would start contributing to the construction of the community centre.

For Ilham, in his struggle to be a changed man, he has to battle through many conflicts, but he is adamant as to not return to his 'old life' at Chow Kit Road.

Meanwhile, Ilham and Maya (Nadia Aqilah) fall for each other, without the blessings of Datin Jamilah, who is Maya's mother.


The musical attempts to bring the audience on a 'flight' to understand the significance of being a part of the family, which is a social institution.

In his frantic surge for wealth and luxuries, Ilham had inadvertently hurt the feelings of his mother and those who were close to him at Chow Kit.

It is a different scenario for Maya as the young woman feels she is being neglected by her own father.

The musical teaches members of the audience the importance and significance of the family as an institution. The message conveyed is that relations among the poor are firmer and closer as compared to the rich and famous in the society.

The theatre also tells the audience that dwellers of Chow Kit live like a huge family there and are willing to work together to change their future.

In a scene, Maya is furious with a 'Puan Sri', a high class socialite, and in order to save her own reputation, Datin Jamilah feels it is better to take her stand with the 'Puan Sri'.


This writer was attracted to a line in the musical's script, which means 'where ever we are accepted, that is our home'. This explains the concept of Chow Kit and its society.

Many may despise those staying in Chow Kit but for Chow Kit residents themselves, only they are aware of their own life routines.

Among those present at the preview was Suria FM's deejay Halim Othman, who said: "This theatre made me feel that we all should go back and visit Chow Kit because the message is very strong ..."

The Cast: Tony Eusoff, Anding, Nadia Aqilah, unknown, Adibah Noor

Nie pic aku dgn Anding. He is a real talented actor. Good job to him.

AK: Actually, aku nk sgt gi tgk sbb byk good review n actor/actress yg hebat n cool.