Saturday, December 31

2011 Memories!

11/01/11 - Greet-O-Gram
Final Year Project ( as classroom project)
It is quite tough but we managed to achieve the target.

The banner!

The team!
Ai ai captain!

Its time to say good bye to UNITEN and Muadzam Shah
Sedih gila la tyme nie.

Last pic at bus stop. We will miss you guys!

The Marketer!

Smile :)

11/04/11 Started new life as intern at Victor Group, Kerinchi.
Meet new people, make new friend & learn new things.

Geng Intern kat office.

Me with supervisor from various department.
Me with intern from same department.
Me and Mr Kah Wai. (my supervisor)

Start looking for job

Cari punye cari, dapat offer SIME DARBY! Ops, I xsangka tau..ahaha.

11/07/11- start as MAP Trainee at Sime Darby

Black Team at Genting View Resort

01/08/11-Start at SD Industrial.

MAP Trainee at SD Industrial.
This is during Induction Week.

14/10/11-Lepak ngan member Uniten kat Putrajaya. Gi karoks ngan photoshoot. ahaha. :)
15 & 16/10/11-KONVOKESYEN ceremony!

Before photoshoot

Photoshoot at Putrajaya

Me with all my friends.

My family that attend during my convo, I wish my dad was here!

Alahai anak omak! ahaha :D

29/11/11-Got offer to join Scope International
But i reject the offer, what to do, not interested in working hour they offer!

9,10 & 11 Langkawi Trip

Kembar lain tahun. :)

My kak long

My beloved mom!

Hope this new year will bring much more prosperous to me and all of you! Amin!

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