Wednesday, April 11

Pic-blog : Happy Birthday to me! ;)


10 April adalah hari kelahiran aku. Penat mak aku mengandung 9 bulan akhirnya keluar jugak aku ke dunia. Tahun nie aku smbut birthday yg ke 23. eh? kejap je dah 23 tahun dah. Enjoy the pic je lah. \(",)/

Birthday Card from Sime Darby Industrial. ;)

Lunch sponsored by Kak Zue. Thank you so much Kak! 

A slice of cake for myself is really enough.

Hadiah from my sister. With 50% voucher from my friend. Thank you #wanwaja for the voucher. :)

Special dedicated pic from my best friend in France. Thank you Haris. Really appreciate for remembering my birthday. 

From my mom with lot of LOVE. Thank you mak. Love u so much! ;)

Dinner treat by my sister. Thanx by the way. 

AK: Itu saja buat masa nie. Nti upload lagi pic-blog. Stay tuned! Eheh. 

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