Wednesday, October 2

132: Lunch talk with Kevin Zahri

Hi korang, ape kabar?

Nie nk share pasal lunch talk aritu. It was held on 26th Sept (Thursday). It was a great session. Yeah! Its really. There a lot of tips, knowledge and info on how to be more healthy. 

Btw, kevin is very knowledgeable and sempoi. 

Here are the tips: You don't have to diet all time because you not enjoying your life. Life should be moderate. That will reflect your lifestyle and food intake. I just love the way he elaborate points and how it works. 

However, since it is a lunch talk series, allocated time is very limited. 

Here are some stories about the talk featured in Kevin Zahri official website. Check this out at Kevin At Sime Darby Plantation

p/s: He looks good in real rather than in TV. I told you. Hahaha

Till end,
Assalamualaikum w.b.t

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